Friday, October 30, 2009

“From Little Acorns…”

If mighty oaks from little acorns grow, what do you suppose will sprout from this massive specimen? A lot of double takes for starters!

This beautifully detailed bronze acorn is actually made from an industrial grade fiberglass that is more resilient than clay, concrete or even cast iron.  The antique bronze color finish is infused throughout the fiberglass, so it won’t peel, flake or fade away, and the verdisgris highlights will only get better with time and exposure.  Any small nicks or scratches (caused by delusional squirrels?) can simply be buffed away to restore the color and luster.

If you’ve never seen anything quite like this before, don’t be surprised. Pat Poisson, owner of 1812 Antiques and Folly in the village of Grafton, has a real knack for searching out unique and unusual pieces for her clients. The antiques shop offers a great selection of home furnishings, decorative accessories and lighting all year ‘round, while Folly is more of a time-sensitive experience, focusing on garden accents and accouterments in spring and summer, shifting to entertaining, decorating and seasonal celebrations in the fall and early winter.

Fiberglass Acorn: $325.00
1812 Antiques
105 Old Danforth Road, Grafton     905-349-3756

Saturday, October 24, 2009

It’s Hip to be (Granny) Square

Humanitarian Chic at its best - this crocheted bag is both fashionable and socially forward-thinking! Hand-crafted by skilled artisans working in Kathmandu, Nepal, this funky fashion accessory combines retro style with an up-to-the-minute colour palette. Crochet is a traditional art in Nepal, and Manushi (energetic women) was founded to promote gender perspective in sustainable development and to enhance the social and economic status of women.

This is just one of the hundreds of quality, affordably priced, hand crafted pieces to be found at Ten Thousand Villages - Cobourg. Ten Thousand Villages is an organization that sells handicrafts from developing countries through its network of stores in Canada and the USA, as well as hundreds of annual Festival sales.

Crocheted Patchwork Bag: $30.00

Ten Thousand Villages - Cobourg
16 King Street West, Cobourg    905-373-1617

An Ounce of Prevention

Cold? Flu? Sore Throat? Cough?

Hedd Wyn Essentials’ Wild Oil of Oregano is gaining a following as a 100% certified organic health aid with the primary active ingredient carvacrol. Laboratory tested and demonstrated to be one of the strongest antiseptics, carvacrol and other components of oregano are said to quickly and naturally eliminate a wide variety of pathogens such as bacteria, yeast, fungi, parasites and viruses.

Wild Oil of Oregano is one of the many health supplements, foods and related products available at the Cobourg Health Shoppe. Boasting a well-researched product selection and supported by a remarkably well informed staff, the Cobourg Health Shoppe might put you in mind of an old fashioned apothecary shop – filled to capacity with traditional remedies and educated advice.

Wild Oil of Oregano:  from $18.99

Cobourg Health Shoppe
76 King Street West, Cobourg    905-373-0541

A Silver Lining

Every room looks better with a touch of black and glass – and this table lamp combines both in a classically inspired modern design. It has the elegant proportions of a traditional candlestick lamp, rendered in a sleek and sophisticated blend of sparkling glass and polished chrome. Recognizing that lamps need to be functional as well as fabulous, the dramatic black shade has a crisp silver liner that reflects a flattering light throughout your room.

Like this lamp, Tugg’s Furniture Gallery is an inspiring blend of classic and contemporary. Venture behind that beautifully preserved Victorian fa├žade in historic downtown Cobourg, and you’ll find three floors of furniture and accessories designed for modern living.

Glass, chrome and black table lamp: $219.00

Tugg’s Furniture Gallery
86 King Street West, Cobourg 905-372-9224

Haute Dog

What’s the well dressed dog wearing this season? Green is the new black, and Chilly Dog has been dedicated to an earth-friendly attitude for well over a decade. Chilly Dog business practices support and facilitate healthy individuals, farms, communities and renewable resources. The sweaters are crafted from 100% organic wool and all natural plant and fruit dyes, and are hand made in South America within the guidelines of Fair Trade.

The multi-award winning “All Creatures Great and Small” in downtown Cobourg has a table heaped high with a great selection of these whimsical sweaters in a wide range of sizes, colours and patterns. There are stripes and argyles for conservative pooches, while the iconic sock monkey inspired sweater pictured would be an obvious choice for fans of "pup-culture".

Chilly Dog Sweaters: $40.00 (all sizes)

All Creatures Great & Small
30 King Street West, Cobourg,  905-377-8619

Pitcher Perfect

Glass blowing has been a Mexican tradition since the 16th century, and the characteristic blue-rimmed drinking glasses are an internationally recognized hallmark of the art. Now available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours, the chunky, bohemian quality of Mexican glassware continues to be an affordable way to bring artistry to your home.

Mexico Plus in Cobourg offers an impressive selection of traditional glassware in a wide range of colours. While the tried and true shapes and colours of the glassware immediately bring to mind images of lemonade, iced tea or sangria – the vibrant cranberry red featured here would be ideal for serving a festive mulled wine or eggnog.

Pitcher: $29.95, Wine Glass: $7.95, Margarita or Martini Glass: $8.95

Mexico Plus Furniture & Accessories
1011 Elgin Street West, Unit #3, Cobourg,  905-372-9900

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Here and Now.

We think you just might be amazed by the range of products and services that are available locally - and by locally, we mean throughout Northumberland County. We'll be focusing primarily on selected businesses in the Town of Cobourg and the Townships of Hamilton and Alnwick/Haldimand, but expect a few forays to Port Hope, Trent Hills and Brighton along the way.

If you're not from the area (but justifiably intrigued by the diverse offerings highlighted), feel free to send us an email and we'll be happy to help you plan a shopping excursion that you and your friends will never forget.