Saturday, October 24, 2009

It’s Hip to be (Granny) Square

Humanitarian Chic at its best - this crocheted bag is both fashionable and socially forward-thinking! Hand-crafted by skilled artisans working in Kathmandu, Nepal, this funky fashion accessory combines retro style with an up-to-the-minute colour palette. Crochet is a traditional art in Nepal, and Manushi (energetic women) was founded to promote gender perspective in sustainable development and to enhance the social and economic status of women.

This is just one of the hundreds of quality, affordably priced, hand crafted pieces to be found at Ten Thousand Villages - Cobourg. Ten Thousand Villages is an organization that sells handicrafts from developing countries through its network of stores in Canada and the USA, as well as hundreds of annual Festival sales.

Crocheted Patchwork Bag: $30.00

Ten Thousand Villages - Cobourg
16 King Street West, Cobourg    905-373-1617

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